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Vladimir Nikishin

Are you not interested in a team of designers, programmers, and marketers? On the other hand, the site, landing pages will not do themselves, and do you need either design, development, or promotion?

Here a special person will help. The one-man-army. Outsourced full-stack webmaster. And you have already found me.

Now, look at what you can get — a 3-in-1 service package.

  • Websites and promotional materials in the academic tradition of visual arts.
  • Unique vector illustrations in the corporate style of the client.
  • Design systems that define colors, fonts, graphics and user interface elements.
  • Animation expressing the brand: Micro-interactions, screen and component transitions, video presentations.
  • Sites using CMS or generators: WordPress, Drupal, Jekyll, Hugo.
  • Sophisticated cross-browser responsive layouts developed on valid HTML (W3C standards, including WCAG). Elegant, semantic, enhanced with microdata.
  • Properly structured CSS using the best practices and modules. CSS Grid, Flexbox, custom properties, SVG sprites, custom Sass functions, etc.
  • Vanilla JavaScript in modern fashion.
  • Performance optimization according to the recommendations of Lighthouse.
  • Setting up campaigns in Google Ads.
  • SEO and ASO: on-page optimization.
  • Analytics, grows hacking, CRO.
  • Email marketing: launch transactional, promotional and newsletter campaigns in MailChimp.